1. Designer group : UK, Holland, Taiwan and China local designers£®
  2. Copy right patterned, When found copying, legal procedure will be taken£®
  3. Serious production, high quality requested£®
  4. Products :
    £©1st step : PVC items
          This category is Hand Injected with colored PVC, Oven baking several 
          times to form 2-D, 3-D pieces, then add accessories to become:
         *Key Ring
         *Refrigerator Magnet
         *Pencil Topper, Mobile Topper¡­etc., decoration items
         *Small PhotoFrame,album¡­.Key Ring
         *Table Photo Frame, decoration
    £©2nd step:
          Various Metal gift item, decoration item.
    £©3rd step :
          Importing Gift Items.

        We welcome any new ideas, we shall seriously consider the possibility and do 
        our utmost to realize the production.

Product Introduction
Product Concepts


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