ORIENTWORKS is one of the divisions of the ORIENTEAM GROUP, and is in charge of developing the internal market of China. We have in-house designers and a good training program for our staff. ORIENTEAMs main objective used to be export-activities to North America, Europe and Japan. However, we are convinced that there is an enormous demand for new ideas, new designs, manufactured in a high quality in the field of Gifts and Souvenirs for our internal market. Based on a thorough research and evaluation of the results, our head office decided to expend our activities into this market.

We intend to acquire a good market share in this market. But apart from the fact that we want to provide items of high quality and excellent designs, we are looking for partners who share the same philosophy and enthusiasm and would like to join us. Together we can provide interesting items, which will attract all sorts of people national and international. We will offer them the possibility to buy good-looking souvenirs and/or gifts, either for themselves, or to give as presents to friends and relatives. Those articles will bring them good memories and enjoyment.

We have already an extensive network for distribution to many areas in China. We have agents in Beijing, Shanghai, Tian Jin, Nan Jing, Dalian, Sheng Yang, Qing Dao, Qu Fu, Tai An, Wu Han, Shi Jia Zhuang, Zheng Zhou, Fu Zhou, Chang Sha, Dun Huang, Hang Zhou, Lu Shan and Dong Guang. They are responsible for the sales and the after-service in their respective area.

ORIENTWORKS is determined to establish a good brand name and image, and if you join us, it will even double your and our strength. We are looking forward to you contacting us, and together we can go for a better future for all of us!

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